Recycle Plastic Into.....

As we all know we produce too much plastic these days and unfortunately, less than 11% get recycled, so when you read about a Canadian company making a difference to our environment you applaud them for their creative eco-innovation thinking. Goodwood Plastic Products takes plastic milk jugs and laundry detergent bottles and converts them into plastic wood and builds durable patio decks, patio furniture, Muskoka chairs, etc. I again praise Goodwood Plastic Products for their eco-innovation now and for future generations.

I 100% agree with what Mike Chassie of G.P.P. says and I quote; "If Canada wants to be a leader in plastic reduction in the oceans, then we need to invest in companies that can manage the waste, not just pull the waste from the ocean. A great deal of plastic collected doesn't get sorted properly, and that leads to a higher degree of contamination by other types of plastic, organic material, and even garbage. What needs to be done is you need to have a good system ... for collecting it and for storing it. It needs to be a full-service solution."

I'm definitely contacting G.P.P. to congratulate them on their eco-friendly forward-thinking and to learn more about their plastic wood eco-products.


G.P.P. website:

Paul Bolté - Eco6ix

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