Plastic Found 10,000m Below Sea Level

Thanks to Dr. Deo Onda's expedition to the third deepest trench on the planet, which no human had ever gone to, he came upon a very sad and shocking sight.  What he thought was a jellyfish turned out to be PLASTIC.  "Even me, I did not expect that, and I do research on plastics", says Dr. Onda.

Finding plastic so far below seal level raises even more concerns about the seriousness of this "Plastic Pandemic" and if we humans don't accelerate the solution of this out-of-control plastic eco-issue NOW, by 2030 we may never be able to fix this plastic problem.  We have less than 10-years to make changes to our purchase choices... plastic-free, plastic innovation, plastic recycling, compostable, degradable, sustainability.  At Eco6ix we will be making a difference to our environment.  Stay tuned...exciting times ahead!!  

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