Earlier this week I watched 'Seaspiracy' on Netflix, a very powerful documentary that begins with plastic pollution in our oceans but it then turns to the incredible harm humans are doing to marine life by the alarming global corruption of the fishing industry. You must watch this documentary if you care about our future.

Directed and narrated by Ali Tarizi, he uncovers the destruction and killing of our oceans. I and other environmentalists know what plastic pollution is doing to our waterways but wait till you watch what the shocking, terrifying, and corrupt commercial fishing industry is doing. For example, plastic kills 1,000 sea turtles, but fishing vessels injure or kill 250,000 sea turtles annually. And the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, 46% of the plastic are fishing nets and gear made of plastic.

At the accelerated rate of what the international fishing industry is doing to our oceans/planet over the next few decades, mankind will not be able to live on this planet with a dead sea. Plastic is a huge problem but the fishing industry is a HUGER problem. After I finished watching the documentary my first reaction was "I won't eat fish again".

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