The UN report came out last week on global warming. With no immediate PLANS (no more PROMISES) in dramatically reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the impact for all Canadians will be major and irreversible. Each one of us can make a difference in this problem but we need all levels of gov't to cut emissions NOW. Without immediate change, the following are key factors that will impact Canada over the next 30 years+.

PLANET 1.2 C ABOVE PRE-INDUSTRIAL LEVELS - Effecting Canada now...wildfires, heatwaves, and drought

THE ARCTIC - Warming more than twice the rate of the entire world. Less snow will lead to increased temperatures in Canada and globally

MORE HEAT EVENTS - Increased temperatures mean more severe heat waves. Lytton, B.C. recorded 49.6 C in June the hottest temperature ever recorded in Canada

OCEANS AND WATER - Sea levels will continue to rise over the next 80-years resulting in more flooding every Spring in parts of Canada

HOTTER CITIES - Due to more tall buildings in urban cities in Canada will result in higher temperatures and air pollution increasing

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