Human Beings Dumping Plastic Waste into Waterways Every Minute

I live in Canada, no I live on a planet called Earth. I am a Canadian, no I am a human being. I say this because when I see human beings doing this to our planet I am disgusted at what others are doing to destroy this planet for now and future generations, especially when others are making huge efforts to find eco-solutions to our eco-problems. Watch this 48-sec video right to the end as it's hard to imagine that five Asian countries make up 60% of the plastic waste going into the ocean. Do we have a plastic pollution problem in Canada...yes...but we have a major out-of-control plastic tsunami problem globally. Maybe we can't solve the problem today but we must try before it's too late. So start today and start educating yourself on buying no plastic products (if there's a choice) or when you buy plastic check to see if it's recyclable, biodegradable or maybe that plastic can be used over and over and over again not "single-use plastic". Start Making A Difference Today - Take Action - It's Your Future. Paul Bolté - Managing Partner - Eco6ix

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