Canada’s Plastic Pollution Crisis

A very good article by Karen Wirsig of Environmental Defence regarding comments made by Dow Chemical's CEO Jim Fitterling in the Financial Post on the plastic industry in Canada.

In today's world of 'plastic' more and more are recognizing plastic manufactured items as being toxic and harmful to the environment, including global scientists and even our Federal government is assessing this as we speak. What surprises me after reading this article is that 40% OF PLASTIC IS DESIGNED TO BE USED ONCE AND THROWN AWAY. So consider the fact that 400 million tons of plastic are produced annually in Canada which means 160 million tons of plastic will be used once then thrown away and don't forget that less than 11% will ever get recycled. So do we have an out-of-control toxic plastic pollution pandemic....yes...big time.

Is there a SOLUTION? Yes, but we need to accelerate the process.

Are consumers more aware of the seriousness of plastic pollution? Yes, but more needs to be done. Does the Federal Govt' need to continue to stop single-use plastic in Canada? Yes. Are more companies providing alternative eco-products (no plastic) versus plastic? Yes

Do all levels of government and plastic manufacturers need to work together to find solutions to ensure biodegradable, compostable, and recycling plastic goes through the proper process whether it is recycled or decomposed? Yes and this is a major, major problem that needs to be solved.

At Eco6ix we are making proactive efforts to be part of the plastic solution and excited to showcase these initiatives in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

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