23rd Old Wins Award For Plastic Innovation

Lucy Hughes created "Marina Tex" which is made of fish waste, an alternative to single-use plastics; i.e. sandwich bags and tissue boxes. Her award-winning compostable compound can biodegrade in less than 6-weeks and doesn't contaminate soil...WOW!

“It’s not necessarily plastic that’s the problem... It’s our overuse of, for example, single-use plastics that might be used for only 10 to 15 seconds before we then have to throw that away,” Hughes said. 100% agree.

Congrats Lucy for your innovation, creativity, and forward-thinking in making a difference to your and future generations. We look forward to reading more about Marina Tex and the accelerated growth of seeing this replace single-use plastic in family households around the world. Definitely an Eco6ix 5-Star High-5 to Lucy.

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