20 Corporations and 20 Finance Companys Account for 50+% of Single-Use Plastic Produced

Quite a report that was just released by Minderoo Foundation Australia on the major plastic environmental pollutants and 20 financial institutions supporting these companies.

I agree with Al Gore that these companies must be held accountable for their eco-plastic pollution. Have each company come to the podium and explain what significant changes they've made (hopefully) over the past 5-years to reduce the amount of plastic they produce, what alternative R&D eco-innovation materials are they producing to replace pure plastic, and what their pro-active initiatives and targets are to reduce their GHG emissions by 2030. If each company cannot stand up and demonstrate the changes they are making NOW to fix the plastic problem then they should be fined and charged for destroying our planet for current and future generations.

Our world is moving from fossil fuel to green energy and there is a transition process and targets to achieve. The same must be said about plastic and the transition process of alternative environmental solutions....plastic recycling, sustainability, no plastic, reducing GHG, better municipal recycling systems, and dramatically eliminating plastic from our waterways.

Over the coming weeks Eco6ix will be introducing Proudly Canadian eco-companies and their eco-household products that are making a difference to our eco-future... no plastic, recycling plastic, sustainability, compostable, and R&D innovation. Exciting times ahead!!

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