Eco6ix was a concept born in 2020 between two life long friends out for a walk in a local park during the height of the first lockdown in Toronto. During our walk, we chatted about the “new world” we’re all facing but at the same time noticed discarded plastic masks.


As entrepreneurs, we saw an opportunity to deal with this huge ‘problem’ and to find a ‘solution’ to what was obviously becoming a ‘Tsunami of Mask Pollution’. Our third partner became an integral part of our problem-solving solution which was that masks save lives but not the environment.


We took it upon ourselves to find a Canadian company that would make an eco-friendly mask and we have succeeded in offering our customers a Canadian-made mask that is comfortable, durable, and most importantly environmentally friendly.

Our mission is that together we can make a difference for future generations and pass along a healthier cleaner planet.  In part, this will be accomplished with the help of charitable organizations like Environmental Defence which will raise the awareness of reducing the amount of plastic that we consume daily as it is seriously affecting our waterways and land.


A portion of our sales will be going to this charitable organization to end plastic pollution in Canada.  Our mission is also to introduce other new eco-friendly products in 2021.

6ix refers to Toronto.  All partners live in Toronto and are extremely proud of our city, province, and country.

Thank you for your support and stay safe and healthy.

Kindest Regards,

Eco6ix Partners
John, Paul and David



Email:  support@eco6ix.ca

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